Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Digital Painting

Here's another quick digital painting I just did, it's an illustration for an editorial piece about a man who supposedly had a lump that was cancer in his lung, but it actually turned out to be a pea that had germinated in his lungs!

Copyright Alexa Macfarlane 2010. 


  1. Alexa, I would love to know how you get that great charcoal-y line digitally! Will you share? Thanks, Gin

  2. ditto with the charcoal-y line how to

  3. I'm also curious about the charcoal effects.Brilliant...how did you do it? Is that highly confidential?

  4. i would seriously pay you to do an online course teaching your techniques.I love doing digital art but I can't do what you do, that's for sure. Seriously.That would be awesome.
    ps I live in the tri-state area....do you teach anywhere in manhattan? One on one teaching possible? Sorry to harrass but I'm really fascinated...

  5. Dear Jamaica,

    I really appreciate your kind remarks and admiration of my work. Unfortunately, I would like to keep the "secrets" of my style to myself, otherwise it would not quite be my style anymore. However I encourage you to keep looking at art that you're fascinated by, and you will become inspired and eventually pick up those techniques without even realizing it. I can say that I've learned much about my style and how I technically complete my illustration during my education at Pratt Institute.

    PS. The images you post on your blog are beautiful.


  6. really!?! a pea germinated in his lungs!! that's very interesting, and image is extravagant. great with the story, i see the inspiration :)

    p.s. im a nursing student hence: the interest in story behind the art :D